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Ongoing globalisation means the big wide world isn’t as big or as wide as it used to be. Borders are paling into insignificance, opening up a huge market with billions of consumers, and you want to make your voice heard in that market. In the consumer’s language. Which is why impeccable translations are essential for your company in an international business context. Foreign customers will turn a deaf ear unless you can convince them with your story.


Translation agency Lu's Paragraph in Mechelen (Antwerp) has been delivering outstanding translations into and out of virtually every language, and for all target publics, for thirty years. In the process, we have built up an enviable reputation. Much of this is based on our utterly rigorous selection of in-house staff – language alchemists might be a more suitable term. For the translation of the more exotic languages we work with an extensive network of equally carefully picked translators. Moreover, every wordsmith who works for us translates exclusively into his or her native language. We make no exceptions to this cast-iron rule. Those who translate for Lu's Paragraph never stray from the straight and narrow. After all, you don’t expect to be served chop suey at Massimo’s Pizzeria!

Do you want a certified translation, a technical translation, a commercial translation, a medical or pharmaceutical translation, or a creative translation? We will seek out the right translator for you – one who is familiar with your sector and your specialist field – and we will deliver translations of the very highest quality, treating the deadline as sacrosanct. To guarantee that quality, we have all texts proofread, and our proofreaders don’t miss a thing. This is our acclaimed ‘tandem principle'.


We also work as a communication agency.

Is this just the sort of translation you’ve been looking for? Then contact us and come and sit in the comfort of our experience!


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