Copywriting, creative texts & commercial texts in Mechelen, Antwerp & Brussels


Advertising is costly, and you expect to see some returns from it. Dreary copy is about as welcome as the plague. It’s masterpieces you’re after. Tours de force. Ikebana. Texts that strike, intrigue and move. That really get the reader thinking. Verbal pyrotechnics.


Copywriters with editorial flair? Good content writers? Fluent stylists who can turn out creative copywriting texts or make commercial and business texts accessible to your public? You’ll find them all at Lu's Paragraph in Mechelen (Antwerp). And it’s definitely reassuring to know that this has been so for the past thirty years. We know that if it doesn’t grab the reader, it gets dropped. Into the bin. Which is why every text is thoroughly picked over during the editing stage. We rewrite the entire thing if necessary. In other words, we are as demanding as you are.


Would you too like to make an impact with our editorial expertise that gets your message effectively across to your customers? Then contact us and come and sit in the comfort of our experience as a communication agency.